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Hot, Hot, HOT Summer

Do you need more evidence that it was a hot summer? Checkout this article on

We can’t go outside for more than 2 seconds without sweating, but now we have actual PROOF this was one of the hottest summers ever!

And don’t forget: if you need any air conditioning repair or replacement, please contact the experts at CroppMetcalfe!


CroppMetcalfe Career Fair!


We’ve been happily preparing for this Saturday’s CroppMetcalfe Career Fair. It’s going to be at our Fairfax location from 9AM to 1PM and and we’re looking forward to a HUGE turnout.

Managers will be on hand to talk to potential applicants. We’re looking for the very best in the following positions:

  • Experienced HVAC Professionals
  • Indoor Air Quality – Duct Cleaners
  • Plumbers
  • Sales Positions
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Dispatchers
  • Purchasing Agents
  • Installation Coordinators

More information on our official career fair page here.

Another 5-Star Review!

Thank you to Stephanie L. from Frederick, MD who sent in this 5-Star review of one of our 5-Star Technicians, Elmer!

“We DONT need anyone to contact us, Elmer was just here and he was professional and fantastic! Thank you for such great customer service – we use again and recommend to others”

Want to submit your own testimonial? Click here.

CroppMetcalfe and Nationals Park!

If you’ve been to Nats Park recently, hopefully you’ve seen our CroppMetcalfe signage around the park! We’re excited to be supporting the home team and hopefully they can keep the momentum going deep into the summer.

Don’t forget to visit all season long for exciting offers and even a chance to win free tickets to Nationals Park!

Best Picks Report Makes CroppMetcalfe a Best Pick!

If you live in the Washington DC Area, you have probably received your copy of Best Picks Report. This is an independent research publication that measures the levels of customer satisfaction of local companies, and CroppMetcalfe is extremely proud to be listed under multiple service headings

As always, contact CroppMetcalfe for all of your home comfort needs or click here for more information on hoe we qualified as Best Pick!

Pesky Pests: The Mosquito

If you’re on our broadcast e-mail list (and if not, you should be) you should have received our latest e-mail about Mosquitoes. These pests ruin any outdoor engagement and can even transmit deadly diseases.

Learn more on our website or schedule an appointment. Don’t forget to take advantage of this special money saving offer:

TOP SECRET – WaterSafe Broadcast E-Mail

Shhhhh! We’re putting the finishing touches on a new broadcast e-mail for the WaterSafe System, but we wanted to give you, our fearless social following, a sneak peak.

What is a WaterSafe System you ask? Well, this product detects levels of moisture and potential water leaks in your home which could lead to huge water damage problems. If a sensor determines there is a problem, the WaterSafe System communicates with the main shut-off valve, temporarily cutting off the main water source and preventing additional water damage.

Looking for more information before we send out our broadcast e-mail? Visit the WaterSafe section of our website and be sure to checkout our special $250 Off Coupon on a newly installed WaterSafe System. But remember! Don’t tell anyone (well, we guess it’s OK if you spread the word for people to contact us).