Cracked Heat Exchangers

cracked hexchangJudging by the weather, Winter is (finally?) here. This means even the last holdouts will have to turn on their home heating systems to keep warm.

This also means our 5-Star Technicians will start seeing cracked heat exchangers in our customers’ homes.

Heat exchanger cracks occur naturally from the heating and cooling of the metal during normal furnace operation. These cracks have the potential to allow the exhaust gasses that normally go up the chimney/flue to mix with the air being blown into the living space. The exhaust gasses carry Carbon Monoxide that is odorless, tasteless, and potentially deadly.

Premature failure happens from lack of air from dirty filters, closing supply registers, or blocking returns with furniture. Improper combustion will also cause the furnace to operate at a hotter temperature than normal causing more stress on the metal heat exchanger.

Cracked heat exchangers are nothing to put off until the next time you use your heating unit. Call the 5-Star heating experts at CroppMetcalfe to get your unit inspected today.


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