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Most Influential People in Residential HVAC


Since CroppMetcalfe was founded in 1979, our Mission has always been to set the standard others strive to reach and in a recent article on, you can see that others agree with our philosophy.

The article highlights the top 22 most influential people in the Residential HVAC industry. Some great names like Willis Carrier and some close friends like Ray Issac are listed, but of course we’re partial to #18 on the list, the founder of CroppMetcalfe: Mitchell Cropp.

As the article states:

From Contracting Contractor of the Year to ACCA Chairman, Mitch set the stage for improving contractors’ ability to succeed by setting examples of the possibilities — from service agreement sales, to marketing, to financial management, to creating “raving fans” of customers.

We’re very proud of this honor and know Mitchell is too. You can view the whole article here.