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TOP SECRET – WaterSafe Broadcast E-Mail


Shhhhh! We’re putting the finishing touches on a new broadcast e-mail for the WaterSafe System, but we wanted to give you, our fearless social following, a sneak peak.

What is a WaterSafe System you ask? Well, this product detects levels of moisture and potential water leaks in your home which could lead to huge water damage problems. If a sensor determines there is a problem, the WaterSafe System communicates with the main shut-off valve, temporarily cutting off the main water source and preventing additional water damage.

Looking for more information before we send out our broadcast e-mail? Visit the WaterSafe section of our website and be sure to checkout our special $250 Off Coupon on a newly installed WaterSafe System. But remember! Don’t tell anyone (well, we guess it’s OK if you spread the word for people to contact us).