CroppMetcalfe Acquires Peed Plumbing Service Division!


CroppMetcalfe acquires the Service Division of Peed Plumbing!

We are exceptionally pleased to announce that CroppMetcalfe will now serve all of the residential plumbing needs for Peed Plumbing! Find out more here: 


CroppMetcalfe Apprenticeship Open House

New-Hilltop-Picture-1CroppMetcalfe is holding an Open House on Saturday, March 7th for guidance counselors, students, and parents to learn more about our HVAC and Plumbing Apprenticeship programs.

You will be able to:

  • Visit Our Labs
  • Meet the Instructors
  • Learn About the Programs
  • Talk to Current Students

Find out more here:

Important News About Water Heaters

res-elecIf you haven’t heard by now, in an effort to improve efficiency, the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA) will impact the design and efficiency of new water heaters. These new government mandated water regulations will start on April 16th, 2015. This means that all products manufactured after this date must meet the new regulations. You can read more about the act here.

The new regulations mean the physical units will be larger, thus presenting potential problems for water heaters currently operating in tight spaces. If you have an older water heater in a smaller space, it could be very beneficial to replace it before the new regulations go into effect.

Find out more about the NAECA and what solution is best for you on our website.

Exciting News – CroppMetcalfe App Now Available!

CM App IconCroppMetcalfe is extremely excited to be kicking off 2015 with the launch of our new app! To download, simply search for CroppMetcalfe in iTunes or Google Play.

The app has many features, giving users the ability to:

  • Submit a form to request service
  • Learn more about our products and services
  • View our current specials
  • Take a picture of a problem and send it to us for more information

Check out the app and let us know what you think. Keep an eye out for improvements and upgrades as well!

Plumbing Winterization Tips

frozen-pipesIt appears we’ve gotten a short break from the cold weather. Now is the perfect time to winterize your plumbing before the cold weather returns. Here are a few simple things to help make sure you’re not left out in the cold, and if you have any additional questions, don’t forget to contact the plumbing experts at CroppMetcalfe!

  • Remove garden hoses from outside hose spigots
  • Turn off indoor valves to hose spigots
  • Open outdoor hose spigots to allow water to drain
  • Loosen bleeder cap on indoor valves to drain all water from pipes & spigots

Cracked Heat Exchangers

cracked hexchangJudging by the weather, Winter is (finally?) here. This means even the last holdouts will have to turn on their home heating systems to keep warm.

This also means our 5-Star Technicians will start seeing cracked heat exchangers in our customers’ homes.

Heat exchanger cracks occur naturally from the heating and cooling of the metal during normal furnace operation. These cracks have the potential to allow the exhaust gasses that normally go up the chimney/flue to mix with the air being blown into the living space. The exhaust gasses carry Carbon Monoxide that is odorless, tasteless, and potentially deadly.

Premature failure happens from lack of air from dirty filters, closing supply registers, or blocking returns with furniture. Improper combustion will also cause the furnace to operate at a hotter temperature than normal causing more stress on the metal heat exchanger.

Cracked heat exchangers are nothing to put off until the next time you use your heating unit. Call the 5-Star heating experts at CroppMetcalfe to get your unit inspected today.

Home Performance – Making Sure Your Home is Operating at Peak Performance

IAQ-headerAs you’ve started using your home’s heating system more now that temperatures have dropped, have you noticed some rooms are warmer than others? Or maybe you’ve had ice dams in the past when snowfall hits?

Or maybe you’re still holding out on turning your system on because you’re afraid of high energy bills?

No matter what the reason, now is the perfect time to schedule a whole house comfort check from the Home Performance experts at CroppMetcalfe. Our certified professionals will be able to figure out why your home comfort system isn’t running at peak performance, and can recommend repairs and adjustments that will keep you comfortable while saving you money all Winter long!

Contact us now to schedule an appointment for your home’s performance.